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Customized Optimization Services Especially for You

The Alliance Academy consulting team is a full service management team comprised of seasoned business center and property management professionals focused on assisting business center owners, property owners, and brokers to achieve maximum value from their real estate investments. We offer a broad range of services, and unparalleled experience in developing, opening, managing, and turning-around properties that enables the company to achieve extraordinary results for their clients.

Revenue Optimization

  • Lost revenue can never be recaptured. The Academy team provides a complete analysis of your billing process and programs to ensure all revenue is captured, invoiced, and received.
  • Rent is probably the center's biggest expense. Let the Academy experts save you time and money with our Lease Negotiation Service to ensure the best terms for an optimal agreement.
  • For your center to succeed, team members need to know how they impact the bottom line. Our Financial Management Reporting program educates all team members on their responsibility and involves them in the process to ensure company goals are achieved.

Marketing Optimization

  • The avenue for ongoing success in the business center industry is a consistent high quality marketing campaign targeted to your prospects and existing clients. Whether you need one or all components, the Academy has a solution to drive more traffic to your center(s).
  • Generate more leads with our Lead Flow Tool Box that will create a path of more qualified leads to your website and center(s).
  • Create positive press about your business with our Public Relations Tool Box to educate prospects and brokers about the value of partnering with your business for ensured success.
  • Marketing as dialog and content creation will be the prevailing elixir for all businesses. Our Social Media Tool Kit provides expert advice and direction to generate more qualified leads and build brand equity with prospects, clients, brokers, and landlords.
  • Get your communication read and deliver a call to action with our Communications Tool Kit. Our team will create custom emails, direct mails, and brochures that engage the prospect and demonstrate why you are the center of choice.

Facility Optimization

  • Wasted space in the center equates to lost revenue. The Academy Space Plan Optimization experts will create revenue areas from wasted space, and introduce new ideas from global members that increase your profit per square foot.
  • Looking to open a new center? The Academy team can ensure your new venture will be a success. We offer assistance with site selection, workstation pricing, construction, and build out advisement services to enhance your new center opening experience.
  • To remain competitive, operators must be educated on competitors in their local and regional markets. The Academy team provides a complete analysis of your center(s) and your competitors to determine your local or regional competitive advantages.

Technology Optimization

  • Outdated technology and overpriced vendors have an adverse effect on your financial goals. The Academy team will evaluate all center technology including vendor pricing, longevity of product, and client usage to ensure optimal technology products and pricing so you remain competitive.
  • We take the challenge of turning your property into a world class Executive Office Suite driving immediate equity and profit. In this difficult economy the rules have changed, calling for new choices - new alternatives. It is essential to be fast, forward thinking and a cut above the competition. The Academy is the only proven leader to take your center technology to the bleeding edge.

Operational Optimization

  • To keep good team members, you must offer a competitive salary structure and professional develop program. The Academy will create a Salary Administration Systems that control cost while allowing for individual growth opportunities.
  • What is the impact of not meeting your budget? The Academy team will work with you and your team to develop a yearly budget planning process that collaborates with all stakeholders in setting sales, service and team goals.
  • Team members are key to client acquisition and retention. Our Team Optimization Program will determine your optimal staffing model, center culture specific job descriptions, optimal ad placement, and structured interview guides to ensure you have a team of customer service champions.

Broker Optimization

  • Conventional brokers are often the first person a prospect contacts for office space, yet many still have not been educated on the value of partnering with an executive suite to provide the right resource for small office space lead or quick and easy corporate expansion.
  • The Broker Ambassador Tool Kit provides all the resources to educate and present your office solutions to property management companies, commercial and residential brokers.
  • A customized campaign will be developed to include email, direct mail, broker landing page, PR releases, and presentation material to train on the benefits of partnering with your center to help their client succeed.

For additional information about how you can benefit from the Academy, click here to contact the Academy or by phone at +1 (800) 216-1646.

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