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What is our mission?
To provide a standard of credentialing and measurement that is recognized and requested by prospects, clients, and employers as the GOLD standard of superior service in our industry.

What is our goal?
We support the business goals of all Business Center Industry professionals, as well as all other related industry professionals that touch our industry.

Who are we?
We are a dedicated group of experienced industry professionals driven to deliver training in such a way that it shares our extensive knowledge base with as many team members as possible on a global level.

Our team includes pioneering business people whose insights have shaped management best practices, leaders who have run successful companies, and entrepreneurs whose innovative thinking has sparked change and new opportunities for those around them.

Who do we work with?
We work with owners, managers, and staff in business centers, as well as those in industry related businesses, including - but not limited to - commercial real estate professionals, asset managers, REITs, building owners and managers, franchise sales organizations, and corporate real estate departments.

Care to join us?
Click on the "Join the Team" button for additional information on how your expertise can be utilized on the Academy training team.


What happens if I a have a Manager on the Prepaid Credentialing Program and they leave the company?
The Academy understands that employee turn over is inevitable. That's why any unused credits from a prepaid credentialing program can be used for another team member within the same position.

What is process for credentialing payments?
The Academy gives you two ways to pay for the teams credentialing.

    1. Show your team that you plan to invest in their success. Pay the credentialing process upfront and receive a 15% discount for the workshops.
    2. Or, choose to pay for each workshop at time of class registration.

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