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Social Media Marketing Services

The Alliance Academy develops social media marketing campaigns for clients with the aim of building brand awareness, driving customer engagement, improving customer service, generating online buzz, and boosting organic search engine rankings and web site traffic.

Our social media marketing service helps clients with engaging directly with their customers by leveraging social media and understanding how social media relates to their business and existing online marketing campaigns.

By employing our knowledge and expertise with a large variety of online marketing tactics and leveraging our proven campaign management practices we can provide our clients with an opportunity to combine social media, organic search engine optimization (SEO), PPC search and targeted online display advertising in one integrated campaign.

Social Media Results
Social media web sites are increasingly complementing, and in some cases replacing, traditional search engines as a way for people to find content that is specific to what they are interested in and as major channels for web site traffic.

The Alliance Academy helps you create a well planned strategy with content that is prepared for your target audience, a message that engages them and is integrated with traditional online marketing to give it the strength and acceleration it needs to spread virally throughout the social web.

Alliance Academy Social Media = Positive ROI

  • Increased Brand Awareness - Create brand visibility and build brand-awareness from viral messages and active participation in target communities.
  • More Web Site Traffic and Links - Generate links and web site traffic from profile pages at social media web sites, web widgets, social network applications and content that travels virally throughout social media news and bookmarking web sites.
  • Create positive press about your business with our Public Relations Tool Box to educate prospects and brokers about the value of partnering with your business for ensured success.
  • Improved Customer Relationships - Through social networking profiles, blogs, podcasts, wiki's, forums, and other social media tools improve customer relationships and user engagement. They are accomplished by developing a deeper, two-way communications channel with the customer base, wherein the business can take part in the discussions, receive feedback, and build trust.

Social Media Consulting Services
Upgrading or starting your social media project? The Alliance Academy works collaboratively with clients to overcome their most challenging online problems. We work with you to exceed your online business objectives and create better relationships with your customers. We offer multiple ways to help you exceed your organizational goals and harness the power of social media.

Private Social Media Consulting
The Alliance Academy helps our clients build stronger awareness of their customers, while tackling specific organizational goals. Together we create a plan to increase your online ROI, get closer to your target audience, and learn more about your customers that you may have thought possible.

Social Media Profile Building

  • Customized templates for Social Media creation
  • Creation of LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles

Contacts and Network Building

  • Strategically build your network on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Update Management

  • Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn updates

Social Media Policy

  • Customized Social Media Policy Template

Social Media ROI Tracking and Management

  • Tracking system to track Social Media ROI including web movement, URL tracking, keyword listing, SEO placement, traffic to blog and website, stickiness, etc.

The Alliance Academy offers expert consulting services covering social media campaign strategy, defining the optimum social media marketing mix and integration with existing traditional online marketing tactics. Our social media consultants will identify the clients' goals and objectives, research and analyze the target audiences and provide actionable recommendations for the planning and execution of a social media marketing campaign.

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