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Building Your Center's Training Library

No time or money to invest in training? No worries. For as little as $33.00 a month, you can provide on-demand OBC workshops for your entire team.

Take advantage of this Special Offer from The ALLIANCE Academy: start building your own OBC training library with the most popular workshops from the 2009 Revenue Optimization Webinar Series.

Now your team can decide how and when they receive the OBC training they need to lead your center to greatness.

  • All workshops can be viewed as many times as you like and by all team members.
  • Perfect training platform for the busy center with little time to stop and learn.
  • Easily turn team meetings into target training sessions.
  • Accessible on any computer, anywhere in the world.

OBCs with 1-5 centers: $397.00
OBCs with 5 or more centers: $597.00
Invest today and receive 12 targeted OBC training workshops proven to drive the results you need to stay competitive in your market.

Is your team worth $33.00? That is how little it can cost per month to train your team on industry best practices and proven methods to increase sales and improve team performance.

The ALLIANCE Academy training package includes 12 workshops that will benefit every position in the center:

Director of First Impressions: The Secret to Client Acquisition and Retention
Presented by Karen A. Condi

  • Convert more prospects by creating a custom center experience.
  • 5 steps to creating client loyalty in your center.
  • Key service opportunities that most team members miss.

Transition from Telephone to Tour Every Time: Double Your Conversion Rate
Presented by Karen A. Condi

  • Learn 3 things you can do to increase your conversion rate by 50%.
  • Powerful discovery questions that will maximize your sales opportunities.
  • Can‘t close‘em if they never call back. a message so compelling that the prospect must return your call.

Edging out the Competition: How to Become the Center of Choice
Presented by Karen A. Condi

  • Surpass the competition by delivering important and relevant value at each touch point.
  • Top of mind benefits to WOW your prospect into signing.
  • Emotional and physical factors that could lose the deal for you.

Presenting High Probability Custom Proposals: Three Elements to Securing a Winning Proposal
Presented by Karen A. Condi

  • The 3 steps to winning the deal at a higher price than your competitor.
  • Communicate a unique and clear solution to the prospect‘s problem and they will convert.
  • Incorporate our "Secret Weapon" to ensure a strong, positive, and professional proposal to win more business.

Making Concessions Count: Creating a Roadmap for Successful Negotiations
Presented by Karen A. Condi

  • 3 mistakes most managers make that leave money on the table.
  • The key to eliminating unnecessary discounting.
  • Tangibalize your added value services to level the playing field.

Creating the Confidence to Close: How to Ask for and Secure the Agreement
Presented by Karen A. Condi

  • The secret to delivering a compelling "call to action" that converts prospects to clients.
  • Key closing techniques that will double your acquisition rate.
  • Gain more clients by eliminating confidence barriers.

Putting Price in its Place: It's Time to SWAT the Competition
Presented by David Middleton

  • Win the war by focusing on your successes.
  • Reposition your dialogue to make price less of a factor.
  • Learn strategic methods to increase your bottom line.

Using a Down Economy to Your Advantage
Presented by Annette Riezburg

  • Position your center(s) for survival in these tough times, while at the same time positioning yourself for growth or liquidity.
  • Create an extreme advantage of a down market to grow your business or re-negotiate your lease "on your terms."
  • 5 action steps you can take now to help breed long term success and long term profitability.
  • Build your own "challenge and change" leadership techniques that build customer and team loyalty.

Three Pillars of Successful Social Media Marketing: Promote Your Business in an Interactive and Engaging Way
Presented by Viveka von Rosen

  • Five social networking sites for connecting with your target market.
  • Social Media Marketing Plan that attracts the right prospect to your center.
  • Declare an identity that willdrive business to your door.

Confident, Caring, in Charge: Developing Center Leadership Series
Presented by Karen A. Condi
Session 1: Challenge the Process to Optimize Center Performance.

  • Determine if current policies and procedures still benefit your center.
  • Assess current marketing material and channels to strengthen your company message.

Session 2: Inspire a Shared Vision to Lead Your Team to Victory.
  • Learn how to motivate your team to become owners of their position.
  • Create a plan to share your company mission and create a vision specific for your center and team.

Session 3: Team Encouragement – A Simple Process that will Make All the Difference in Differentiating Your Center
  • Engage each team member to their fullest potential to ensure center success.
  • Create an environment whereby happy team members create happy clients.

Take advantage of this special opportunity to access the 2010 series of webinars and train your team - and see a difference at your centers. For more information or to get started, contact Karen A. Condi at [email protected] or +1 (678) 641.4467.

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